I'm Austin Reza. My passion is telling stories that move people.

When I was 3 I wanted to be Zoro. I won the McDonald's coloring contest at the creative age of 7. At 9, I broke my first skateboard doing a boneless off my garage - I've been skating ever since! I was a gymnast training for the Junior Olympics at the age of 11. I flipped a dune-buggy and received two plates and a metal pin in my left elbow - I quit gymnastics. I did the world¹s highest bungy jump in Switzerland when I was 16 - I was stoned. I love Europe! I've been drug underneath a car for over 100 yards, caught on fire during a candlelit church service, and taken salsa lessons, with my wife, for a year - survived it all. I can grow an amazing mustache. I'm the inventor of the word "concharge (control + in charge)" because, I'm the boss.